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        Shabua is a Hebrew word of astonishing historical significance and prophetic relevance, yet its full meaning is virtually unknown even among Bible scholars and theologians. Shabua is not a new idea, it is not a secret, and it is certainly not some sort of hidden code. If there is any mystery at all surrounding the word shabua, it’s why this important biblical concept has been overlooked for so long! Used repeatedly in the Bible to mark time, shabua is translated as either “week” or “seven,” but neither word adequately conveys its complete and intended meaning.
        Shabua Days is the first in a series of books designed to create an awareness of the way shabua is used for biblical timing—past, present, and future. The significance and relevance of understanding a biblical shabua cannot be overstated. Thus one goal of Shabua Days is to thoroughly define shabua and then demonstrate the way in which the Bible repeatedly uses it for short-term timing, in this case referring to a period of days. Recognizing in a shabua of days the relationship between history and prophecy, Judaism and Christianity, and the Old and the New Testaments, numerous examples demonstrate the way these are linked by both substance and timing.
        Shabua Days will also shed new light on a wide range of topics about which a great diversity of opinion currently exists among Bible scholars and theologians. One of those topics is Creation. If God indeed created all that exists, the length of time it took Him to do so might seem irrelevant… until we see that the timeframe of Creation is the inaugural shabua of days, thereby setting the precedent for every subsequent shabua. Also, since any discussion regarding “the beginning” is incomplete without an examination of both the Big Bang and evolution, considerable time and attention are devoted to each of those secular theories prior to a close look at what the Bible teaches.

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“God has structured our world, our activities, and our relationships within the context of a process called time. When we understand what the Bible teaches about time, we are able to not only understand our lives, but God’s nature as well. Shabua Days will help your work, your worship, and your appreciation for the Scriptures.”
Dr. John Townsend
New York Times bestselling author of Boundaries
“This book is an eye-opener from beginning to end. Any student of the Bible will be spiritually enriched by the author’s amazing insights about God’s pattern for accomplishing His will in history.”
Dr. David Reagan
Founder and Senior Evangelist of Lamb & Lion Ministries
“Paul Wozniak has put together a powerful exposition of the veracity and authenticity of the Truth! Few can pull that off. Nearly everyone else regurgitates other good writers.”
Tim Rafalovich
Senior Vice President at Wells Fargo Bank
“Shabua Days by Paul Wozniak stirs my mind and spirit, and affirms my fervent conviction in the inerrancy of God’s written Word. His well-written volume takes the reader on a journey through time and through Scripture—from creation to new creation, as well as from the exodus to Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. Wozniak provides a wealth of information to which each of us needs to give adequate attention… You will grow through this experience and you will be looking forward to Wozniak’s next volume, Shabua Years, to continue this glorious study.”
William D. Barrick
Th.D., Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at the Master’s Seminary

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