Shabua Days

By Paul Wozniak

      Can a single word really make a difference in our understanding of the Bible? Yes, it can! When you know what shabua means it will change your perception about many things, including the relevance of the Old Testament.
      Shabua Days has something eye-opening for every reader, believer and nonbeliever alike. Solid supporting research, the clear presentation of ideas, the attention to detail, and well-argued logical conclusions make for a compelling and worthwhile read that is sure to provide a new perspective on the Bible.

Is the Old Testament still relevant?

Was the universe created in six days?Was Jesus crucified on a Friday?

Can the big bang and evolution be reconciled with the Bible?

Is the Christian church supposed to keep the Sabbath?

“Shabua Days may launch a new area of investigation that has been overlooked in the study of God’s Word. It shows how the term shabua should play an active role in the vocabulary of anyone studying the Bible… Shabua Days will enrich every reader’s understanding of Scripture.”

Carl Westerlund
Th.M., Founder of Calvary Chapel School of Ministry

“Written with precision and attention to detail, Shabua Days is a groundbreaking book that is about to turn biblical scholarship upside down. Paul is a thoughtful scholar, a diligent researcher and a trusted guide. If you want a fuller picture of God’s design for the universe, as well as for your everyday life, this is the next book you need to pick up.”

Mandy Arioto
President and CEO of MOPS International

“Every once in a while there is a book that comes out that shakes some of the preconceived notions of the Bible. In Shabua Days, Paul Wozniak shows his intense effort to stretch our knowledge of the Bible when it comes to history, the geopolitical landscape, and Jewish history and culture. This book is not for the faint of heart, but for the student of the Bible who wants to chew on the meat of the Word.”

Eric Heard
Pastor at Mariners Church

About the Author

      For over twenty-five years, Paul Wozniak, JD, owned and operated a successful business and tax practice. During that time, he became proficient in doing the sophisticated research required to solve complex problems across multiple disciplines. For over a decade, Paul has been applying those same research skills in the rigorous study of God’s Word. His desire in founding Shabua and writing the Shabua book series is to teach the Bible and share his findings with others. Read more.

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