About the Author

        Paul Wozniak earned his BBA from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, his CFP designation from the College for Financial Planning, and his JD from Pepperdine University School of Law. Paul began to develop an interest in God’s Word after attending a Bible study with fellow law students at Pepperdine. He gave his life to Jesus Christ later that same year. Shortly after graduating, he began a successful business and tax practice.
        After 25 years in business, Paul sensed God calling him out of the corporate world. Since that time, over a decade ago, he has been using his extensive experience doing technical research to meticulously examine God’s Word. His thorough and systematic approach to the Bible involves the study of history, archaeology, culture, linguistics, and the sciences as well as travel to Egypt, Israel, and Jordan to conduct field research.
        Paul has attended and been involved in leadership at Mariners Church/South Coast Community Church in Irvine, California, for 36 years, where he has served as chairman of the Board of Elders and chairman of the Board of Trustees. Paul formed Shabua and is writing the Shabua book series to teach the Bible and share his findings with others. His desire is to accurately present Scripture in a compelling way that will inspire both believers and nonbelievers to study God’s Word.

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